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Hi there!👋My name's Devesh Chaudhari and I'm lover of all things tech, music, science, healthcare and more. I'm a Software Developer, Entrepreneur & Content Creator. I'm passionate about the world of Technology & Medicine. I am a self-taught software coder. I have been coding for more than 15 years and I run my own Business. Apart from Tech Field, i'm a Pharmacist graduated from the University of Mumbai, India (& yes, i'm Licensed Pharmacist 😉)

My skills are my passions. I love learning new skills and I love teaching others new skills. I have a lot of different interests, but I can't imagine not continuing to learn new things.

I Prefer to be Generalist instead of Specialist

Specialization is for insects - Robert Heinlein

Android App Development

I am a passionate android app developer and love to code in Java. I have been working with Android SDK since 2015. From Android Development to UI/UX Design, I specialize in all things for Android. My First App was published on Google Play Store in Year 2015 when i was in college. ever since then i build & published 30+ Android Apps on Google Play Store & build a succesfull side-hustle.

Web Development

Websites, Web Apps & Cloud has become one of the core infrastructure essential for any business. Whether it's building a website, blog or developing an ecommerce store, I have the skills essential to get the job done right. my journey to web dev started when i was in school learning HTML,CSS & JavaScript trying to create website.


We are living in the great Age of Capatilism, where everything has become commerciliased weather that be your attention, education or your skills. Hence, Knowing Fundamentals of business is essential to navigate in modern world. Skills such as Branding, Marketing & Selling are always going to be core in any feild (personal branding, startup, IT etc).

Game Development

Gaming has always been in my DNA, weather that be Playing a game or Building one. Skill of building games is very special that only few manage to master it because to make a Awesome Game you need combination of various skills (music, psycology, coding, storytelling, gameplay UI/UX etc) to build a game.

Video Editing

I have always been interested in video editing, so I decided to take the leap and learn how to do it. Back in my days Windows Movie Maker was big thing & i learned editing videos on it then later shifted to Adobe Premier Pro. Once I learned the basics, I was able to start editing videos for fun and for YouTube. The best video editors can create a video that is both entertaining and informative. The most important thing to remember when editing a video is to go for quality over quantity. The best videos are not the longest, but the ones that get your point across. It's important that you know what your viewers want to see in your video and what they are willing to watch.

Pharmacy,Medicine & Healthcare

As a Science Nerd, STEM Research, Medicine & Healthcare has always being close to my heart. I'm a Licensed Pharmacist, B.Pharmacy Graduate from University Of Mumbai.

Content Creator

Content creators are becoming more and more popular on YouTube and other social media platforms. I share my thoughts,wisdom, ideas, and life stories with my audiences through video, pictures, or writing.

Master in Learning

Among all other skills, there is one skill which is hard to learn i.e Master in Learning



Registered Pharmacist by Profession

Android App Development

Turning App Idea into Reality

Web Development

Full stack web development


Creating 3D Models & Animations

Unity 3D

Game Development & Metaverse


Programming Language

Adobe After Effects

Creating Visual Effects for Video

Adobe Illustrator

Creating Stunning Vector Graphics

Adobe Audition

Sound Enginnering for various puropses

Adobe Premier Pro

Stunning Video Editing skill

Adobe Photoshop

Editing & Creating Beautiful Images


Programming Language


Programming Language


Web Page Designing with Modern Web Standards

Next JS

Full-stack Javascript framework

Node JS

Server side development

React JS

Front end development


Designing Beautiful Web Pages