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· 7 min read

CircleCI for Android

Today I'm going to show you how to automate the Build process of Android app using CircleCi. For automation, we will be creating a simple Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment aka CI/CD pipeline which will build entire Android Project & give you an output of Android APK & App bundle.

· 6 min read

Sanity.IO Review

Weather you are building blog or ecommerce website, there is one thing that you can’t live without, that is Content management system to create, manage & store your valuable content on server. in this article will be deep diving into Sanity as CMS for your new shinny website or app. It’s time to say good bye complicated & cheap WordPress hosting & say hello to expensive cloud billing.

· 4 min read

Secret to Success in Life

Today I’m going to teach you a simple technique & perspective to detach yourself from materialistic world in healthy way but detach enough to indulge in materialism to achieve your life goals. Life goals can be anything like getting rich, hobbies etc.

· 6 min read

Subscriptions are Financial Trap

Subscription Plans weather that be netflix, amazon prime or Spotify are bad for your financial health & worst of it it’s long-term financial trap. Let me explain you how ?

· 3 min read

3 Life Lessons from Gucci Family on Building Family Legacy | House of Gucci | Pop Culture Philosophy

Building a family business is difficult & building a legacy is far more difficult. you need to learn how to handle & build family legacy and today we are going to discuss the important life lessons you can learn from Gucci Family who used to own Italian Luxury Brand Gucci. Recently the movie House of Gucci was released which is a bio pic on rise & downfall of gucci family business; it’s amazing movie. for this video i’m going to used movie as a reference along with other historical events to teach these 3 important life lessons.

· 3 min read

Stop Aiming for Happiness

Pursuite of Happiness is Myth, you might have heard this phrase ‘pursuite of happiness’, ‘you must chase happiness’, or ‘aim for happiness’; most of motivational speakers will always convinve you that you should focus on happiness & keep chasing happiness; even in our pop culture it is been showed that chasing happiness is good thing & once you got happiness it will be eternal. but the thing is if you are continously chasing happiness then you will never find stable happiness because you didn’t understand these basic fundamental concepts

· 7 min read

Understanding Concept of Social Media

What if I told you #DeleteFacebook doesn’t make sense & by deleting social media account you are actually causing more indirect harm than good. To answer this question, we have to understand nuance & concept of social media because it’s not an easy answer.